Unless otherwise noted, Colloqium is held Wednesdays 3:45-4:45 in Galallee room 227.
Coffee and cookies are available starting at 3:30.

A list of past colloquia is also available.

Spring 2012

Date Title / Abstract Speaker
Jan 18 Cancelled
Jan 25 Galaxy Formation in a Hierarchical Universe - Predictions and Observations Jeremy Bailin
University of Michigan
Feb 1 Properties of Dark Matter from the Faintest Galaxies Louis Strigari
Stanford / Kavli Inst. for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
Feb 8 None None
Feb 15 The Fermi Bubbles: Gamma-ray Relics of the Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole Fulai Guo
Lick Observatory, U.C. Santa Cruz
Feb 22 A New Probe of the Distribution of Dark Matter in Galaxies Sukanya Chakrabarti
Florida Atlantic University
Feb 29 TBA TBA
Mar 7 Exoplanets and the Search for Another Earth Angelle Tanner
Mississippi State University
Mar 21 TBA TBA
Mar 28 Computing Nuclei and Reaction Rates from Scratch Ken Nollett
Argonne National Laboratory
Apr 4 Cancelled
Apr 11 Shedding Light on Dark Matter Rupak Mahapatra
Texas A&M
Apr 18 New Twists in Spintronics: anomalous Hall effect, spin-helix transistors, and topological thermoelectrics Jairo Sinova
Texas A&M
Apr 25 TBA TBA

Fall 2011

Date Title / Abstract Speaker
Aug 31 Faculty Research Presentations:
Physics at the LHC
The IceCube Neutrino Detector
Galaxy Morphology in the 21st Century
Conor Henderson
Dawn Williams
Ron Buta
Sep 7 Faculty Research Presentations:
The High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Gamma-ray Observatory
Spin-Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory
Patrick Toale
William Butler
Sep 14 Physics 10x organizational meeting
Sep 21 Facing a new era of discoveries in particle physics: higher energies, higher precision, higher expectations Laura Reina
Florida State University
Oct 3
Modeling Instruction: A Foundation for Transforming FIU's Physics Department Laird Kramer
Florida International University
Oct 19 New adventures in testing Einstein's general relativity Emanuele Berti
University of Mississipi
Oct 26 Gravitational Waves and Supernova Explosions from Merging White Dwarfs Mukremin Kilic
University of Oklahoma
Nov 2 Loop quantum gravity: status and recent results for cosmology and black holes Jorge Pullin
Louisiana State University
Nov 16 Probing Electron Charge Density and Bonding with Advanced Quantitative Nano-scale Transmission Electron Microscopy Jörg Wiezorek
University of Pittsburgh
Nov 30 Cancelled due to speaker illness
Dec 7 Cancelled